• About AUPP (Abroad Unified Pathway Program):

AUPP specializes in arranging Credit Transfer in the field of Information & Technology (IT), Management (BBA) and Accounting studies. AUPP is a large Pathway Program that provides credits transfer program to the students. Through this program, a student can study first year full time in AUPP- in their own city or near to their city. Further they can complete the remainder of the studies overseas with the Partner Universities / Institutions associated with AUPP. More than 2500 students have taken advantage of this program and successfully transferred to universities abroad.

• What is credit transfer?

Many students aspire to achieve a world class degree, but, are unable to gain admission in the University or Institute of their choice. The process of credit transfers gives these students a golden chance to upgrade their qualification and obtain world class education. Credit transfer is the term used by colleges and universities for the procedure of granting credit to a student for educational experiences or courses undertaken at another institution. Explanation – When a student transfers, they usually provide their academic transcript which lists the course taken, grade and other attributes from each institution they attended when applying for enrollment. Each transcript and the listed courses are evaluated to see if any of the course taken satisfies the requirements of the receiving institution to enable it to grant credit transfer. AUPP students have advantage of their credits pre-assessed and get offer letter based on pre-assessment.

• Key features of AUPP

1. Credit transfer 2. Program running in major cities of India 3. Worldwide recognition 4. International standard of studies 5. One program for several top ranking Universities/Institutes

• Benefits of studying at AUPP

1. AUPP has a large credits transfer program 2. AUPP is one program that enables access to several universities and countries 3. Huge cost saving 4. International qualification standard 5. Important time saving 6. Excellent support services 7. Complete visa assistance by approved agencies 8. Access to top ranked Universities / Institutes 9. Unique competencies & job -oriented based qualification for the first time in India 10. Get enough time and support to increase your personality skills (English and personality) 11. Support services – Airport pick ups 12. Accommodation, personality grooming, job placements assistance 13. As you will be already studying International qualification standards, you will have better chances of having a part time job once you will reach overseas 14. First part of the International studies can be studied under their parent’s supervision 15. Flexible Delivery and Assessment—AUPP is committed to adopt flexible delivery & assessment methods for training students for dynamic global jobs

How does AUPP lead to foreign study/degree?

On successful completion of AUPP certificate a student will get study exemption in various degrees offered by AUPP partner institutions. Year 1 AUPP Program Duration 10 months Diploma Program Student can get admission in 2nd year of Bachelor Degree abroad with huge cost savings. Year 2 Graduation Duration 2 year’s Bachelor Degree Student can start working part time from 2nd year and Post Study Work Visa is granted for two year on completion of the course.

• How many years student will study in Australia?

After completing the initial one year of education along with English course, student will study the final 2 years in Australia to complete their degrees in their respective fields.

• Are Credit transfers applicable in Australia only?

This is a global program, which is accepted in most of Asia-Pacific such as Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, etc. but our prime focus is Australia only as it provides the safest and the most amazing possibilities of gaining quality education with a possibility of settlement.

• Do I need to pay extra at the time of Visa Filling?

The students needs to pay the DIBP Visa processing fee only.

• What are the support services in Australia?

AUPP is one of the few education provider organization in Australia, which provides students accommodation search services, retail based training, job placement assistance and food & infrastructure facilities.

• What will I study in Local AUPP Center?

You will study the 1st year curriculum of the Bachelors program. Apart from this, you will be put through extensive English coaching, vocational based courses and aptitude building courses.

• How many hours do I need to study?

Roughly 20 Hours per week

• Will our students be at par with their batch mates in Australia?

Absolutely! All AUPP student will be completely at par with other batch mates in Australia. They will simply join the second year direct. Most of the students in Australian bachelor degrees program join the second year direct from various other institutions across Asia and sub-continent. So it is very normal and popular procedure in Australia.

• Can student change his/her subjects after arriving in Australia? If yes, what is the procedure?

The student may be able to change course with lesser credit transfers depending upon the course he/she has opted for. The student has to consult an AUPP course coordinator for the same.

• Whether an average student can be able to cope with higher studies in Australia?

AUPP prepares the students in Australian Education System, hence, AUPP student find the education in Australia at a comfortable level. Also the education system in Australia is very interactive and practical. Hence average students can easily cope with the same, but, they need to be regular in their studies

• What are the methods adopted to improve English Language of weak students other than preparations for IELTS?

Emphasis is laid on improving the Basic English skills, communication skills, group discussions in addition to IELTS coaching.

• What more preparation/training a student should undergo before going to Australia?

AUPP itself gives many exposure training’s, language training’s, personality development exercises and more. So student need not go for any other sort of training or studies.

• Fee Structure

Complete course fees for Certificate of Advanced Business Management/ Certificate of Advanced Computing is: Rs.1, 20,000/- plus taxes (Local Center Fee) & AUD $ 1280

• Can students pay fees in monthly installments?

Yes there are installment plans available with AUPP, which can be inquired by you at any local AUPP Center.

• Is there a tie-up with a bank or banks for educational loans?

Banks approve loans based on the individual cases. However, most of our campuses have special arrangements with various banks for handling AUPP student cases. Also the degrees offered under AUPP have valid recognition and hence there is no question of bank not sanctioning a loan, if the student fulfills other conditions.

• Is there any Scholarship Available?

Yes. A student can avail scholarship in the program as mentioned

While In India (Based on Eligibility as below)

Scholarship which can be earned by a student while in India (10 months) 1. For 90% scorer in year 12 100% Scholarship (100% of AUPP Australia fees Share- AUD 1280) 2. For 80% scorer in year 12 80% Scholarship (80% of AUPP Australia fees Share AUD 1280) 3. For 75% scorer in year 12 75% Scholarship (75% of AUPP Australia fees Share AUD 1280)

• What is the authenticity of AUPP Education Program – Are degree’s obtained vide a pathway programs recognized in India?

Please speak to us and we can send you the letter of support from the following organizations: 1. Australian Technical and Management College 2. University of the Sunshine Coast 3. Federation University 4. Charles Darwin University Students /Parents are advised to study the current regulations on www.aiu.ac.in

• What are the Basic requirements of Documents for Visa Filling?

1. All Academics proof 2. IELTS 3. Passport 4. Funds 5. Savings Account or Fixed Deposit from acceptable Financial banks by AHC (For savings Account: at least 3 months bank statement, For Fixed Deposits : Fixed Deposit copy) 6. Applicant can also take Education Loan from acceptable financial banks by AHC. Note: There are many other Documents which need to be prepared for Visa Filling the details would be shared by the ATMC Visa Department when the need arises.

• What kind of job will I get Overseas?

Indian students work in a range of jobs overseas. As students would have already studied in India, so their chances of getting a part time job increases. Their general skills in IT/Business/Management/Accounting will help them achieve the desired part time job in your own area of specialization. The most popular part time job within Indian students is working in Call center. This is a highly paid office job. Other possible jobs available in Australia are: telemarketing, direct marketing, computer related jobs, retail (such as super market or big brand stores), food joints and 24 Hours outlets (such as 7 Eleven, Shell, BP, Caltex etc.) etc.

• Why should I NOT go DIRECT?

Studying 3 years in Overseas can be very costly and rough experience. Some of the drawbacks of studying all 3 years overseas and its comparison through AUPP are: Sr. No. Basis Direct Admission Through AUPP 1 Cost Very Expensive. You will pay for all 3 Years + Living as well(Example- studying at USC, which has AUD$20,600 per year fees) You will save 1st Year fees + living, which is $20600 + $18000 = $38,600 SAVINGS!!! 2 Time You must follow a process to reach overseas, which takes 10 months at least. While preparing for Overseas visa, you can study 1st year of your studies in India only. SAVE 1 YEAR!!! 3 Courses Statistically most of the UG students who go from India join Diploma courses. Students after AUPP can join highly respectable degrees at top universities in UK, New Zealand and Australia 4 Qualifications Most of Direct students at U.G. level enroll in trade specific programs such as cooking, hair dressing, Counseling, mechanic etc. Most of the AUPP students will have a chance to enroll in high paying IT, IS, management, accounting, aviation programs, etc. 5 Counseling Usually direct admission students are advised by “Agents” who prefer to send students where they are getting high commissions!!! Under AUPP, students get the offer letter straight from the universities/Institutes without an agent involvement!!! 6 Part Time Job Most of Direct Admission students find it hard to find an appropriate part time job. As AUPP student has already studied first year of their degree, so their chances to get a decent part time job is much higher than a student with Direct admission. 7 Academic Performance As direct students do not know International education system, their failure rate is very high As AUPP students have already studied 1st year of their degree they are very well versed with the Academic standards required for the achieving high scores in their degree programs. 8 Guardianship Direct students under 18 years, will have to make Guardianship arrangements till they are 18. Under AUPP, students can study in India till they are 18 and can further continue their degree overseas without any problem

• Will I be eligible for Permanent Residence in Australia?

The AUPP program enables students to complete an Australian qualification at a reduced cost. Under current government policy, students who have completed two years of their qualification in Australia have access to the Post Study Work Visa. Students should note that possessing an Australian qualification, and having work experience may not necessarily lead to a migration outcome. Students who wish to pursue a migration pathway to Australia, should consult a MARA agent (www.mara.gov.au). AUPP provides no assurances or commitments to any students considering the AUPP program that undertaking the AUPP program will lead to a Migration outcome, such as Permanent Residence.