AUPP (Abroad Unified Pathway Program).
AUPP is an international student mobilization wing of ATMC (Australian Technical & Management College). Lakshmi Global Education has teamed up with ATMC in alliance with major reputed Australian Government Universities (Federation University, Australia, University of Sunshine Australia & Charles Darwin University)and New Zealand third largest technical institute TOI-OHOMAI Institute of Technology to provide world-class recognized UG & PG programs at a cost effective way.


i) AUPP enables the student to start their first year of graduation program in India and the remaining two years in Australia.

ii) With AUPP the student saves about 85%* of the college tuition for the first year.

iii) AUPP is time efficient as the student directly gets enrolled to the first year of their graduation course, at the same time the student can prepare for IELTS and process the visa documentation.

iv) Completing the first year of AUPP program in India, provides the student a globally recognized Australian quality frame work Level 5 certification in the respective course chosen.

v) Pupils are entitled with a two year post work visa after the completion of their courses to pursue their international career.

vi) In short AUPP is the quickest and economical way to acquire an international degree compared to the conventional route of abroad education.

We at Lakshmi Global Education aspires in creating a big transformation in the field of abroad education through our AUPP program.